Young Adult Treatment

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A young adult launching into independence marks a new phase for the entire family. A healthy and supportive family system is important at every stage of life. But the kind of support young adults need is different from adolescent needs. It can be difficult for parents to let their children, even their adult children, make their own decisions and their own mistakes. Yet allowing them to experience this process will help them learn and grow on the path to adulthood. The Vive mentor will help the young adult with school, work, relationships, and other needs. Meanwhile, the parent coach will help with the transition into being the parent of a young adult.

Young adults and their parents often need to learn new ways to communicate with each other. Both the mentor and the parent coach will help facilitate this evolution. Many parents need help finding the balance between "letting go" and supporting their young adult child in appropriate ways. Extra support during this time of change helps to maintain a supportive family environment and ease the transition into adulthood.

Vive mentoring for young adults will primarily be in a college or career environment. Depending on the young adult's needs, sessions may cover many different aspects. An adult living away from parents for the first time may need help with life skills, including laundry, grocery shopping, or finances. Others struggling with social interactions may engage in activities that teach social skills and boost confidence. Meanwhile, young adults beginning college or a career path may need help with time management and meeting goals. Whatever the challenge, the Vive mentor is ready to help with each young adult's unique needs.

Crises aren’t planned. “In-between hours” are available for both parents and young adults when an urgent issue arises outside of scheduled sessions. As young adults and families work together, they will foster a loving environment that supports the transition to adulthood.


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