Who are Vive's Clients?

Vive serves pre teens, adolescents, young adults, and their families. Our clients frequently come to us before or after completion of a wilderness program, short term or long term residential treatment. They are often faced with the following challenges:

ADHD, Executive Functioning, and other Learning Challenges:

Parent coaches and mentors work with clients diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by helping build and practice social skills, control impulsivity, organization, and self-esteem. When client and mentors meet for sessions, they may practice social skills together in public situations, or they may organize the client's calendar together or work on job applications.

When a teen or young adult is facing difficulties with attention, defiance and disruptive behaviors, other family members are undoubtedly affected. Many of our clinicians work directly with parents to help them focus on applying new ways to support their son or daughter. Parents we work with often see improvements in their child's behaviors, but they also see improvements in their family relationships. These improvements are a direct result of parent’s work with our parent coaches as they explore new ways to create boundaries and encourage their child, resulting in a reduction of feelings of fear, anxiety or anger, and enjoy spending time as a family.

Depression, Mood Disorders, and Anxiety Disorders:

Our mentors have experience dealing with adolescents and young adults diagnosed with mood disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and dysthymic disorder. Pre-teens, teenagers and young adults with these diagnoses often need more than a traditional therapy session in a traditional therapy office. This is where our “out of the office” approach really helps.

Vive’s community based, experiential approach places the focus on the therapeutic relationship, deepening exploration, and the facilitation of the moment-by-moment emotional experience of the client. Vive’s approach helps clients to more effectively deal with emotional distress through the driving force of the relationship as well as consistent practice in skill building in the client’s real world environment. Clients are able to better recognize their vulnerable states, approach emotions, and self-initiate tools that act as protective factors against the emergence of depression symptoms.

Vive clinicians engage clients in a variety of therapeutic approaches including relational therapy, client centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) interventions, motivational interviewing, art therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Substance Abuse Issues:

For young people who are transitioning home from treatment or are not in a state of substance dependence, our model can be an effective support program. We assist clients in engaging with new peers, finding support groups, and maintaining sobriety or harm reduction. We’re in contact with our clients daily when necessary, to ensure they’re fully supported during their transition back home following a stay in a treatment center or residential program.

If a client is actively dependent on a substance, we find that it’s often best for them to work with an addictions specialist or treatment center in addition to our family system support.

Trauma (PTSD), Emotional Regulation, and Anger Management:

Vive helps clients learn new ways to manage their fear, anger, sadness, rage, jealousy and other emotions. Many of our clinicians utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) strategies, as well as mindfulness, skill-building, and communication skill building. We can be in daily contact, in person, on the phone, and via text to help make these new skills and strategies part of a client’s everyday life. We help a client who has been in therapy for years but needs help applying new skills to real-life situations. Vive clinicians conduct family meetings to increase communication and ensure lasting change.


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