The Importance of Early Intervention

Young adults and adolescents often face stressors which can come from friends, school, family relationships, and much more. Many teens and young adults struggle to deal with these pressures or they may feel out of control and/or powerless during life's major transitions. It's important for parents and family members to recognize the signs and symptoms of what we call, 'survival mode.'

A person may be in need of early intervention when they are displaying the following:

  • Intense emotions and emotional reactions, possibly including crying, withdrawal, or intense anger
  • Feeling out of control, powerless, and/or desperate
  • Intolerance, lack of empathy, a black and white view of the situation
  • Disconnection from physical sensations and the physical body
  • Increased substance use
  • Changes in sleeping and/or eating behaviors
  • Defiance, apathy, or dishonesty

In such cases, early therapeutic intervention is key. By recognizing the symptoms in your teen and intervening early on, you can help your teen deal with whatever it is that he/she is struggling with before it gets out of control. Additionally, an early intervention in teens and young adults can often prevent the need for out-of-home placement. Vive takes a systemic approaching, intervening early in the process to get at the root of any internal problems for the young person and the family. After reviewing prior testing done by schools, therapists, psychologists, and/or doctors, we customize our approach to meet the specific needs of your teen and family.

Our Vive clients end up feeling more confident at school and/or at work, having improved relationships with family members and having gained more of an internal sense of contentment with themselves. Vive matches each client with a mentor to help through tough times each day in order to make real change possible. Each mentor is a mental health therapist, trained to understand and respond to a variety of therapeutic needs. Vive parent coaches and mentors also work together to coach the entire family so that lasting change can really take hold.

If you suspect your teen might be struggling or exhibiting signs and symptoms of 'survival mode,' call us to see if your child could benefit from a Vive mentor. You can learn more about our program by contacting our admissions department at 855-842-5600 or by clicking here.


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