Our Family Systems Approach to Therapeutic Services:

At Vive we understand the importance of offering a holistic, personalized program for teens and young adults and that’s why we take an individual and family systems approach to working with clients who have also tried traditional family counseling and therapy. Vive offers two Master's Level Mental Health Clinicians for each family because it allows us the opportunity to work with the individual client, the client's family members and the family system as a whole.

When both of the clinicians are present, young adults and teens are often able to open up to the therapeutic process more than when there is only one therapist in the room with a family. Another reason this approach reduces resistance for the young adult and/or teen client is that they feel comfort in knowing that their family members are working with their own parent coach. This reduces feelings of being targeted or blamed for the client and helps the client trust that the parents will be working on improving the family dynamic as well.

The dual relationships of our clinicians help make family meetings well-rounded experiences. The two Master's-Level clinicians are there to help foster a positive dialogue for both child and parent. This is something that Vive Family Support Program prides itself on.

Learn more about our unique family-systems approach to working with teens and young adults by contacting our admissions department at 855-842-5600 or by clicking here. We may determine that Vive is not the best resource for you, and if so, we have an exhaustive list of resources to address different types of therapeutic needs in your area.

Therapeutic Support in Real Time:

One of the Vive clinicians—the parent coach—works primarily with the parents. They are available to offer in the moment solutions and perspective when a challenge arises. Our parent coach highlights your strengths as a parent in order to build upon them. This will increase your child's resilience, confidence, and contentment in both the home and the community. Parents can text or call their parent coach at any time, any day.

One of the Vive clinicians—a therapeutic mentor—works primarily with the young person, or client. They have weekly or bi-weekly, two hour sessions, in addition to regular calls and texts. During session, the client and mentor engage in activities related to the clinical needs of the client. These activities may include:

  • Hiking or walking in town
  • Filling out job applications
  • Organizational support with school
  • Practicing social skills
  • Talking about family, school, or peer pressure

Our clinicians develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring client safety and trust so they feel comfortable enough to open up, reach out, and ultimately heal. Vive clients have reported increased feelings of confidence, independence, success, self-esteem, and contentment after working with their mentor for 6-12 months.

Family Meetings and Family Therapy:

Along with regular meetings with parents, home-based family meetings are regularly scheduled with the entire family. These family meetings help deal with any communication and behavior issues that may arise. The Vive parent coaches and mentors visit the family's home or arrange to have the family meeting in a local therapy office.

Family meetings involve both the Vive clinicians to be present. When both clinicians are present, the client can feel that they have an advocate, mentor, and role model at their side. If the client feels any anxiety or anger about the family meeting, they can rely on the mentor/parent coach for positive role-modeling and communication strategies.


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