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Using an active and experiential approach to mentoring we are able to help clients make therapy feel more approachable, enjoyable, and help them rediscover joy in their lives.  Our model and services can have a lasting impact on the lives of families and our clients. Just today a young man I worked with 11 years ago reached out to me. We talked and caught up on his life and continued growth. Our deep therapeutic mentoring relationships are something truly special and meaningful.


I love the opportunity to do co-therapy with other like-minded clinicians; it is a clinical dream and a great balance for advocating and challenging my clients!


A few reasons I love working for Vive:

The team is incredible! They're caring and competent in their work and we support each other. I love working collaboratively with them.

We get to work with families in a unique way that is so beneficial to effective family therapy--with the parents having their own coach, the teen/young adult having a mentor, the mentor and coach collaborating and taking out the element of triangulation that sometimes occurs with only one family therapist, and we get to experiential work in the community.

The work is flexible. We set our own schedules and meeting places and get paid for our travel time. 


[I love Vive] because of the nurturing and supportive environments and culture. Although our motto is "create joy and heal generations" and we create joy in ourselves and our families. [I am] appreciated and praised and it is healing for [me]. [I] wake up excited to work for this company. Excited about growth potential and the amazing work we do with our families. Love the flexibility and creativity with schedules.



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