Preteen/Teen Treatment

We believe that a healthy family system is a foundation for healthy teens. As such, Vive services for preteens and adolescents have a special emphasis on helping the child to thrive within the family system. They are supporting and coaching the client on communication skills, healthy boundaries, ownership, and accountability. Preteens and adolescents need help in defining their role in the family system, positive and negative. We help them navigate that role in a way that is healthy and productive within the family system. In this age group, there are usually academic and social issues outside the home to address. Our mentors will work with the schools , coaches, and school counselors to help ensure any challenges in these areas are managed and supported. Through hands on interaction, the mentor will be better aware of the child's strengths and needs.

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The parents that we work with are usually faced with some complex challenges with their child and family. Our approach in working with them is to meet them where they are and build from there. This typically means supporting them in setting healthy boundaries with their child, communication skills, self-care, and learning how to step back or jump in as needed. This balance is often one of the most difficult challenges for parents. Our coaches respect the innate difficulty of this process. They will help guide parents toward healthier skills and techniques to break negative patterns and create new ones.

We understand that crises don't happen on a schedule. Both the mentor and the parent coach are available to help outside of planned parent coaching, mentor sessions, or family therapy. As your child gains the skills needed to live a healthy life and the family system becomes safer and more communicative, your child will be set up for lifelong success.


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