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Family Therapy, Coaching, and Support

Vive Family Support Program is a relational and experiential therapeutic support service for pre-teens, adolescents, young adults and their families. With our unique approach and roots in the community, Vive works closely with families to offer insight, implement coping skills, and rebuild trust within the family system. Our goal is to ensure lasting positive change.

We are an In-Home, Community Based Program.

Licensed Mentors in Many Communities.

Vive's masters level, licensed clinicians deliver top-notch services in cities throughout the country. Our community based services provide in-person support for clients with various needs.

Parent Involvement.

We believe the issues our clients deal with are systemic, thus, we take a family systems approach to care. While we are flexible about the level of involvement, our services always include the parents.

Work Happens Live and In-person.

We provide services for crises, ongoing assessments, and help integrating into the local community. We support clients before and after completing a wilderness or residential treatment program. We also offer support to young adults transitioning into college. In person mentor and family sessions allow a deeper relationship that we use as a change agent.

"In-Between Time" (In the Moment Support).

We know that when families experience a crisis, it wasn't scheduled beforehand. We are available to lend support outside of scheduled sessions for parents and clients as the crisis is unfolding.


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